ibm data

Undoubtedly retailers have collected troves of transaction data on their customers. With advancements in analytics, they are  now desperately trying to make sense of it all;  over 50% have not been able to leverage their loyalty data in meaningful ways.

I believe that the data (corpus) retailers have on their customers is unfortunately not comprehensive enough, to reliably activate today’s shopper. That is, I do not think that retailers have a wide enough view of today’s shopper, and this leaves them exposed to those who do (e.g. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple). I would argue that retailers need to federate their customer data, and create a Real Customer Data Exchange (RCDE). I understand there will be PII [Personally Identifiable Information]concerns to work through, but going it alone doesn’t seem like the right solution for truly understanding today’s shopper. On this vein, I do believe that generally we will see a lot of consolidation in the retail industry in the months and years to come, but will be posting on that later.