Is Omnichannel Even Possible?

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I believe that 97.5 percent of today’s traditional retailers will NOT survive the earthshaking transformation that is currently occurring in their industry. Changes in the customer shopping behavior and preferences, rise of on-line shopping, local and state government push to increase minimum wage, and uncertainty in the global economy have placed quite a few obstacles […]

What is Supply Chain Management? Quick Definitions…

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While Supply Chain Management is a new term (first coined in 1982 by Keith Oliver from Booz Allen Hamilton in an interview with the Financial Times), the concepts are ancient and date back to ancient Rome. The term “logistics” has its roots in the Roman military. Additional definitions: Logistics involves… “managing the flow of information, […]

Fundamental Models in Data Science

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1. Classification (probability estimation or scoring): binary or categorical.Attempt to predict, for each individual in the population, which of a (small) set of classes this individual belongs to. Classification will bucket individuals, and scoring will provide quantification of likelihood of being in a particular bucket. 2. Regression (“value estimation”): numeric. attempts to estimate or predict, […]

Should Zappos take steps into the hospitality world?

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“When people talk about Zappos, it’s not just about the great pair of shoes they scored, but the awesome customer service they received. It truly has become a tangible asset that is synonymous with the Zappos brand. In extending the brand to hotels and beyond, the customer satisfaction bar will be set high. Execution will […]

Saks, Ralph Lauren lure customers with upscale services.

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“As discrete service offerings, both Ralph Lauren’s “taxi” and Saks’ merchandise delivery service would be of value to shoppers, as they should help to save a shopper’s time or otherwise bail them out in a time of need. However, they must be a part of a coherent strategy of driving footfalls that includes digital engagement. […]

8 Experts Predict the 2016 Holiday Shopping Season #Retail #Holiday2016

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Lean thinking “Shawn Harris: Retailers should look at last year as a turning point, where more shoppers chose online vs. offline on Black Friday 2015.”  tweet this quote “Shawn Harris, N.A. Retail & Hospitality Industry Lead, Zebra Technologies: Retailers should look at last year as a turning point, where more shoppers chose online vs. offline […]

Bed Bath & Beyond’s Membership Model #retail #marketing #membership

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Is this Everyday Low Price (EDLP) spun as a membership program?  Will the elimination 0f the 20% Coupon’s “scarcity,” remove BBBY’s greatest customer activation trigger, or will the $29 annual fee create the “shop here first” behavior that Amazon enjoys with its Prime Members? The Amazon Prime comparisons always gets me as none of these membership programs come with […]

AmazonFresh lowers annual subscription via a $15 monthly rate. #Retail #Grocery

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“I recall one of my first lessons in grad school, “cash flow is king.” I think that a lot of people feel the same about how they manage their home finances. Though there is only a $20 annual net savings, I think that the $14.99 per month fee will significantly lower the barrier to adoption […]

Will customers give Amazon the keys to their smart homes?

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“I completely believe that this is a concept that could see wide adoption. Airbnb has helped in resetting the idea of what personal space means and blockchain technology will allow for secure, immutable, one-time access to home IoT locks. Delivery person tracking and home tracking (cameras, mobile device and presence sensors) will play an over-the-top […]

Can Snapchat Spectacles avoid the missteps of Google Glass?

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“Cost and styling already set this apart from Google Glass. I am bullish on this concept, as it removes friction (the mobile phone) from capturing moments quickly and as you truly see them.”  ~ Shawn Harris Read full article: