I believe in on boarding ways of thinking via models to help drive faster, hopefully  consistent practical decisions…to quickly say, ah it’s just another one of those. Most models on their own will lead you astray. However, applying multi-model thinking has statically improved outcomes. Here’s another model to add, from Shane Parrish’s The Great Mental Models Volume 2.

Velocity as a model; with deliberate speed

“The concept that underpins using velocity as a model is displacement in a direction. If we take a step forward, we have velocity. If we run in place, we just have speed. Thus, our progress in a given area is not about how fast we are moving now but is best measured by how far we’ve moved relative to where we started. To get to a goal, we cannot just focus on being fast, but need to be aware of the direction we want to go.”

“Velocity challenges us to think about what we can do to put ourselves on the right vector, to find a balance between mass and speed to move in the direction of our goals. Gains come from both improving your tactics and being able to adjust to and respond to new information.”

“Being able to move in the right direction is a lot more useful than going fast in the wrong one.”