Force Field Analysis essentially recognizes that in any situation where change is desired, successful management of that change requires applied *inversion. Here is a brief explanation of this process:

1) Identify the problem
2) Define your objective
3) Identify the forces that support change towards your objective
4) Identify the forces that impede change towards the objective
5) Strategize a solution! This may involve both augmenting or adding to the forces in step 3, and reducing or eliminating the forces in step 4.

*Inversion is a powerful tool to improve your thinking because it helps you identify and remove obstacles to success. The root of inversion is “invert,” which means to upend or turn upside down. As a thinking tool it means approaching a situation from the opposite end of the natural starting point. Most of us tend to think one way about a problem: forward. Inversion allows us to flip the problem around and think backward from objective. Sometimes it’s good to start at the beginning, but it can be more useful to start at the end.

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