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“The Internet Economy” @cdixon

“We are living in an era of bundling. The big five consumer tech companies — Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft — have moved far beyond their original product lines into all sorts of hardware, software, and services that overlap and compete with one another…” “Amazon’s vision here is the most ambitious: to embed voice services in every possible device, thereby reducing the importance of the device, OS, and application layers (it’s no coincidence that those are also the layers in which Amazon is the weakest). But all the big tech companies are investing heavily in voice and AI….” “This would mean that AI interfaces — which in most cases will mean voice interfaces — could become the master routers of the internet economic loop, rendering many of the other layers interchangeable or irrelevant…”

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What will humans do when machines can do almost everything? #AI #Robotics #jobs #WhatIsWork #economics

Artificial intelligence experts predict that intelligent and semi-intelligent autonomous systems — such as self-driving cars and autonomous drones — “will march into our society” in the next two to three years, with driving expected to be fully automated in 25 years, a panel of experts said at a 13 February news briefing at the 2016 AAAS Annual Meeting.

Source: Increasing Use of Autonomous Systems Could Threaten Jobs

The Future is Now, it just exist as disparate technologies… #innovation #mankind

I recently read a WSJ article which takes a prescient view of what tech gadgets are staged to prevail in 2016. The article is great, but as usual the gold is in the comment gems. The views on technology across generations is clear, with self-defined “older” generations losing site of the need for it all, and “younger” generations feeling it’s not enough. For my take, I continue to wonder that given the advances and attainable price points of robotics, computer vision, sensor tech, artificial intelligence, and emergent knowledge (Big data), etc… Where are we headed? You always hear that xyz personal technology will make life easier; the more things that we no longer need to know or do, must have a peak in benefits. I don’t want to wake up just to go to “sleep” again.

Source: The Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2016 – WSJ