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Tech product cycles are mutually reinforcing interactions between platforms and applications. New platforms enable new applications, which in turn make the new platforms more valuable, creating a positive feedback loop… We can try to understand and predict the product cycle by studying the past and extrapolating into the future.

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Just submitted for @shoporg 2016: “Programmatic Commerce: Why Unified Commerce is so important.” #retail #insights #wishmeluck

Proposal Abstract Description:

Unified Commerce [formerly known as Omnichannel] is no longer a nice to have, it is a foundational imperative…but why? Some may say Unified Commerce will provide differentiation and help a retailer meet customer needs and expectations; I believe there is something much greater happening, and if retailers do not take notice their firms could lose complete relevancy in the coming years.

With the advancements being made in artificial intelligence, shoppers will be less and less likely the “buyer.” Virtual private assistants will take over more and more of the routine purchasing decisions. I call this “Programmatic Commerce.” During this session, we will discuss this concept and how it fits into the near term achievement of Unified Commerce. Unified Commerce is just a milestone, not the end game.

What will humans do when machines can do almost everything? #AI #Robotics #jobs #WhatIsWork #economics

Artificial intelligence experts predict that intelligent and semi-intelligent autonomous systems — such as self-driving cars and autonomous drones — “will march into our society” in the next two to three years, with driving expected to be fully automated in 25 years, a panel of experts said at a 13 February news briefing at the 2016 AAAS Annual Meeting.

Source: Increasing Use of Autonomous Systems Could Threaten Jobs

Thought provoking piece on redefining “work” as we enter what is being called the 4th Industrial Revolution. #AI #economy #jobs #trends

This is a great thought provoking piece on rethinking what “work” is as we enter what is being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where we are approaching a point period where you will theoretically be able to do everything with nothing [Ephemeralization].

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Mobile Holiday Sales Reach $13 Billion; 64% Of Retailers To Increase Smartphone Investments #Retail #Trend

The impact of mobile on this past holiday shopping season was projected to be huge, and huge it was. With final tallies coming in, spending via smartphone for online purchases hit $13 billion, based on a new study. That’s an increase of 59% from a year ago, according to comScore, and that’s just for the last two months of last year.

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