We Are Coming for You, Tesla, And You, Too, Google, Says Hacker Hotz #AI #Engineering #Leadership

Hacker George Hotz is mobbed after telling SXSW he's coming for Tesla, GM, and Google.

The legendary hacker George Hotz, known by his nom de guerre “geohot,” who first came to public attention by hacking Apple’s (AAPL) first iPhone, spoke this morning at the South by Southwest conference about taking on Tesla’s (TSLA) self-driving car initiatives with his own garage efforts, a talk titled “I built a better self-driving car than Tesla.”By the end of the talk, it was clear he had numerous targets, including Alphabet’s (GOOGL) self-driving car efforts, despite mighty respect for the search giant.Hotz’s achievement, rigging up home made parts to an Acura ILX to make it self-driving, first came to prominence with an article in mid-December by Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance. Judging by the thunderous applause at the end of the session, and the gaggle of those crowding Hotz to ask questions, Hotz made some converts and fans.

Source: We Are Coming for You, Tesla, And You, Too, Google, Says Hacker Hotz – Tech Trader Daily – Barrons.com

What’s Next in Computing? via @cdixon #AI #iot #mobile #insight #prediction #trends 


Tech product cycles are mutually reinforcing interactions between platforms and applications. New platforms enable new applications, which in turn make the new platforms more valuable, creating a positive feedback loop… We can try to understand and predict the product cycle by studying the past and extrapolating into the future.

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Internet of Things Enhances the Retail Industry #Retail #IoT #Podcast


More and more retailers are adopting the Internet of Things. Many of them believe IoT will be their most important technological initiative of the decade. Now, new technologies have changed the way shoppers interact with retailers, and the shopping experience can be the retailer’s strategic differentiator.

With the Internet of Things, retailers can leverage intelligence to make strategic, informed business decisions that improve customer loyalty and associate effectiveness while creating exciting experiences for their shoppers.

Outlook Series’ Michael Lippis interviewed me to gain Zebra Technologies‘ perspective on how the Internet of Things is changing retail.

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