Why Big Companies Keep Failing: The Stack Fallacy #innovation #disruption #retail #leadership by @anshublog

This is a great read and thought on how empathy needs to be an foundational part of any successful advance in to new products areas, which are enabled by your current core offering. Stack fallacy has caused many companies to attempt to capture new markets and fail spectacularly. When you see a database company thinking apps are easy, that’s Stack fallacy…

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Thought provoking piece on redefining “work” as we enter what is being called the 4th Industrial Revolution. #AI #economy #jobs #trends

This is a great thought provoking piece on rethinking what “work” is as we enter what is being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where we are approaching a point period where you will theoretically be able to do everything with nothing [Ephemeralization].

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Mobile Holiday Sales Reach $13 Billion; 64% Of Retailers To Increase Smartphone Investments #Retail #Trend

The impact of mobile on this past holiday shopping season was projected to be huge, and huge it was. With final tallies coming in, spending via smartphone for online purchases hit $13 billion, based on a new study. That’s an increase of 59% from a year ago, according to comScore, and that’s just for the last two months of last year.

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Internet of Things Enhances the Retail Industry #Retail #IoT #Podcast


More and more retailers are adopting the Internet of Things. Many of them believe IoT will be their most important technological initiative of the decade. Now, new technologies have changed the way shoppers interact with retailers, and the shopping experience can be the retailer’s strategic differentiator.

With the Internet of Things, retailers can leverage intelligence to make strategic, informed business decisions that improve customer loyalty and associate effectiveness while creating exciting experiences for their shoppers.

Outlook Series’ Michael Lippis interviewed me to gain Zebra Technologies‘ perspective on how the Internet of Things is changing retail.

Oringial post: http://www.outlookseries.com/vendor_perspective/Zebra_Technologies_IoT_Retail.htm

@Profgalloway of @L2Digital Delivers a Solid Holiday 2015 Recap. #retail #ecommerce #insights

Key Wows:

  • Amazon captured $0.51 of every additional dollar we spent during holiday 2015.
  • Amazon is now responsible for 23% of retail growth, and 51% of ecommerce growth.
  • 50% of U.S. households will have a Amazon Prime membership by 2020.
  • High-end malls are winning.
  • An Apple store increases mall revenue per sq ft by 13%.
  • Macy will close 40 mall based stores in 2016.
  • Social media celebrities are earning upwards of $300k per post.
  • Internet traffic drop with the release of the latest installment of Star Wars The Force Awakens, with Germany dropping the most, -12%.