I believe that for the foreseeable future, human machine collaboration, which will lead to a new type of collective intelligence will be a requirement. Today, we are seeing many advances in the ability of machines to make high confidence predictions; in narrow use cases. This will certainly lead to significant shifts in tasks within job roles. However, where I think machines will lack for some time is in judgement. Judgement being the ability to consider multiple predictions, and come to sensible conclusions in context. This is where humans will need to remain in the loop, playing a key role in judgement. This human machine partnership will lead to a collective intelligence that will results in even higher confidence outcomes, than either could realize individually. However, this prescribed union could quickly find the machine taking more and more of the judgement role as well. Just consider Google’s search results; at this point, how many of us ever get to the second page of results. What’s happening here is that we are trusting Google algorithm’s judgement. We could debate the consequences of this for search results; as we endeavor to use AI in medicine, autonomous cars, and other decisioning based on potentially biased data, we will need to take a more deliberate approach to the policies and practices around final judgement.