• Jobs to be Done:
    • Understand the job the customer is trying to do, and the develop a product that nails this job perfectly. The probability that your innovation will be successful will improve in dramatic ways.
    • Marketing: Casual reason why customers buy your product.
  • 75 – 85% of new products fail, and do not succeed financially. because they do not target a job
  • Companies focus on correlation vs causation.
  • The goals for this module are:
    1. To see that many products fail because they are focused on correlation, not causality
    2. To find important “jobs” in the market for which your products might be “hired”
    3. To understand your products’ true competitors from the customer’s perspective
    4. To figure out what and how you must integrate in order to get a “job” done perfectly
  • If you do this right, it makes it harder for others to disrupt you.
  • a major key to discovering customer jobs to be done is to observe and interview consumers.
  • customer segmentation:
    • I have a job to done, and I look around and pull it in to my life.
  • Include substitutes in the size of the market.
  • Focusing on the job to be done helps you answer some critical questions:
    • What “job” does the customer hire your product to do?
    • How big is the market, and is it growing?
    • Who is competing to help the customer do this “job”?
  • A problem or an opportunity that someone is trying to solve. Job = needs to be done. We hire products are services to solve the problem.
    • Help me…
    • I need to…
    • Help me avoid…
  • Not job to be done (more a part of experience need to provide to customer gets the job perfectly)
    • Low cost
    • convenience
    • Cheap
    • happy
  • Once you know the job, you can clearly see who the true competitors are, how large the market is, what opportunities there are for innovation, and how to market the product.
  • If you frame the business in products, you will come and go. If you frame it around the job, it frees you to change the way you deliver on that.
  • Two dimensions of “Job to be done”
    • Functional: Tangible and measurable
    • Emotional and social: How it makes me feel
  • Disney does the “Job to be done” well.
    • Why Disney: Fun with family and friends, Escape reality, Kid again, Meet characters, Rides & attractions
  • Jobs to be done stay focused over time. Were a focus on products can leave thing unpredictable.
  • When you figure out a better way to get the job done. It always results in financial and market success.
  • Job architecture 4 layers
    1. Purpose Brand: Word that pops in to customers mind, when they have a job to do. Mind share.
    2. Integration: What needs to integrate to provide the experiences
    3. Experiences: What are the purchase and use experiences that will sum up to nailing the job perfectly.
    4. Job to be done: understand of what the job is to be done. Functionally and emotionally
  • You can identify jobs to be done by observing:
    • Yourself: Why do you do what you do?
    • Current customers: Why do they buy your product?
    • Non-customers: Why do they not buy your product?
    • Former customers: Why do they no longer buy your product?
    • Compensating behaviors: Inconvenient workarounds people use because there’s no product that fulfills their job to be done well
    • Entertain, Inform, Educate in a utilitarian way… Always there.
    • Not about a demographic, it’s that we have a job to do….
  • How do you find jobs to be done?
    • Think in geographic terms (e.g. someone out there has a job to be done. Why would they hire us)
    • Reflect deeply on personal experiences
    • Observe current customers (why are they buying our product, and when they do not what are they using to get the job done?) – When a customer leaves, you must find out why…
    • Identify compensating factors (are people having to do work arounds)
    • Why are they buying products? if they dont, what are they doing to get the job done.
  • Minute clinic
    • Yes/No decision
    • No wait for unpredictable wait of time. Every 5 minute response.
    • Job to be done:  “help me to quickly and conveniently, get the healthcare I need without seeing the doctor.”
  • The  Godrej Group – understanding refrigeration needs in India.
    • 1897 making locks – safe, furniture, refrigerators, etc, etc
    • 80% of indias population does not have refrigerators.
    • “Chotukool”
  • There is no job that is created. They are doing the job.
  • Technology exist, job t be done exist, but they have not been brought together in an economic way.
  • Data is not real. It’s a proxy. Data has it’s value, but you need to dive in. Get outside.
  • Chotukool is new-market disruption, that is competing for non-consumption.

Jobs to be Done.pdf

  • Bose – QC20 Noise Cancelling Headphones.
    • Job to be done: Help me to experience air travel in a more tranquil way.
    • Experiences: Product tests that simulate airline travel and other annoying noises. Flexible return policy, and superior customer service
    • Integrations: Placement of stores, where I shop. Advertising with NFL, engineering bent.
    • Name: Bose <Tagline>